About Acacia Grove Church

About Acacia Grove Church

Acacia Grove is a non-denominational church that desires to glorify God through worship, discipleship and outreach. We aim to give half of our tithes and offerings to those who are in need and to become a church planting church.

Our Story

Our story began when a heavy burden for reaching the lost, and growing more intimately with Christ, fell upon a few families. The desire God placed in their hearts was to mold the church back to its original form, simply by allowing the Word of God to be the key source of all that is done. In the book of Acts, the early church saw thousands come to faith in Christ by witnessing people live out their faith and share one another’s burdens. In addition, the pure Gospel of Christ was being preached and “the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved,” (Acts 2:42-47). It was desired for a present-day church to imitate and return to the simplicity and effectiveness of the early Christ-followers, so Acacia Grove Church was born in January of 2011.

Meaning of “Acacia Grove”

Acacia (uh-kai-shuh) Grove was the camp the Israelites stayed in before crossing the Jordan into the promised land. The wood from the grove was unique and was used for the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant (Ex 25:10). The word “Grove” also represents the body of believers, that if in the faith, will produce much fruit.