Serve at AGC

Service at Acacia Grove Church

We at Acacia Grove want to be a church that reflects God’s character to our local community as well as within our church body. We believe that one of the ways this happens is through serving. Jesus is our model as He states that He “…did not come to be served, but to serve...”

We believe that serving is not only an appropriate response to God, but also an avenue to encounter Him and experience spiritual growth and fulfillment.

As a member of Acacia Grove, we want to help you find a place where your God-given gifts can be used to fulfill your purpose of living a Christ-like life and to help you become the fully devoted follower God desires.

Pressing needs:

- Media & Tech: Running slides and sounds

- Children & Students: Teachers and helpers for Nursery

Other areas to serve:

Hospitality: Greeters, restocking, food & refreshments, etc.

Media & Tech: Sound technicians, media presentations (worship & note slides, video, etc.), general audio/visual, etc

- Worship Team

- Children & Students: Teachers & helpers for Nursery (up to 4 years old), Children (5-10 years old), & Youth (Middle School & High School)

Facilities: Set Up/Tear Down, Cleaning, etc.

- Church Community: Small group leaders & hosts, Prayer Team, Meal Provision, etc.

- Local Outreach: Liberty Manor, evangelism, service projects, etc.

Sign up to serve:

CARE+CONNECT is our community outreach ministry.If you or someone you know is in need, click HERE for more information.