What We Desire

What We Desire

The desires of Acacia Grove Church are convictions we believe God has placed on our hearts. We have committed ourselves to clinging tightly to them, anticipating God using our church in a mighty way.

WE DESIRE to boldly and desperately approach God in prayer, depending on Him only to do amazing works within our church.

WE DESIRE to connect with the community by serving and loving our neighbors as much as we love ourselves and our families.

WE DESIRE to challenge and encourage one another to daily walk more intimately with God.

WE DESIRE to be a body of believers that pours out its resources to those in need locally and globally.

WE DESIRE to be a church that is relevant to today’s culture, yet holds fast to the never changing truths of God’s Word.

WE DESIRE to hold one another accountable to keep our testimony pure for Christ and His church.

WE DESIRE to remain consistently transparent about our financial decisions within the church.

WE DESIRE to be a church that continues planting other churches.

WE DESIRE to make His name famous throughout the entire world!

WE DESIRE to be a fully Biblical church that practices Romans 12:9-21.